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September 1, 2016

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keysInvestors keen to keep growing their property investment portfolios are turning to PropertyTutors mentors. Sean Wood owner of the largest property investor mentoring service says his mentoring team are in high demand.

The LVR restriction rules came into effect October 2015 and they’re set to change again next month to a nationwide LVR of 60%. Banks told heed of the RBNZ’s suggestion and implement the new rules almost overnight. Banks honoured pre-approvals at the previous LVR requirements but all new loans needed to meet the 60% LVR rule.

Working with the LVR restriction rules requires a bit more effort from investors says Sean Wood. They now need a 40% deposit. That’s definitely stopping some investors in their tracks. Our investor clients are actually benefitting from other investors holding off on property purchases. With less investor competition our clients are picking up properties for less than the list price.

In this article a new investor in Sean’s mentoring program presents her first renovation project. Purchasing the property for a price that was lower than market value got Kelly off to a flying start and now she’s eagerly waiting for her newly renovated property to sell.

PropertyTutors run a full day investing event called Property Masters in Auckland and Wellington every year which is attended by hundreds of property investors keen to learn how to invest in the current market. While times are a lot tougher for property investors they are certainly made all the easier for the investors in mentoring programs.

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