Property Interior Renovation

April 13, 2012

Interior Renovation

Property interior renovations become a necessary exercise every few years, not just to repair, but also to update with interior design trends, and introduce more efficient systems and accessories, de-clutter and keeping the home looking up-to-date and modern. Part of having a successful Property Investment NZ business is maintaining your properties – whether they are held as rentals or bought and sold on quickly.

Of course, Interior renovation can be extensive, which may involve pulling down a major part of the property and virtually re-building it, or it may be need based, involving plumbing, re-flooring etc if the existing ones have lasted their life.

Reasons for property interior renovations

  • Maintenance – Over time, everything wears out and begins to look old. This can make your property look dull and run down. Maintenance becomes expensive and can even affect the value of the property, should it have to be sold. A renovation will mean that maintenancecosts are kept to a minimum and involve less time to undertake.
  • Upgrading – As new products, accessories and technology become available, upgrading the interiors helps to improve the health of the home, energy saving gains, improved air conditioning in warmer places, sound proofing of walls, and many similar changes which enhance the value of the property and add to the convenience of living there.
  • Reorganizing space– As families grow, additional space is needed to provide privacy to family members. Each child may want his own room, and this becomes easy with renovations, where interior walls can be pulled down and more rooms created.
  • Essential repairs– Leaks, breakdowns and damage can be addressed in one single renovation exercise, to make the property problem free again.
  • Getting a bright and modern kitchen– Older homes often had darker kitchens and the extensive use of this part of the house, makes it look old and unclean no matter how well kept it is. This is one of the first areas that may need renovation.
  • Sleek and elegant bathrooms– Once considered utility rooms for essential personal hygiene, bathrooms are now glamour rooms, and home owners wish to add newest fittings and fixtures. Though plumbing issues and leakages are need based changes, other changes are more about aesthetics.

Whatever the reason for property interior renovations, you need to keep in mind that it is easy to over-capitalize – so keep a strong hold on your budget.

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