Property Exterior Renovation

March 9, 2012

Exterior Renovation

Property exterior renovations are essential to preserve the aesthetics and value of the building premises. The exterior helps form the critical first impression, which can clinch a sale or see it rejected. Exterior renovations enhance curb appeal, help save energy, make the place livable and retain its high level of maintenance. When renovating to sell you need to remember that you are in business and be careful not over capitalize, Property Tutors are experts in Property Investment NZ and can guide and help you through the process.

Property exterior renovations include a wide range of improvements including landscaping, re-painting, changing doors and windows, roofing, adding a terrace and even changing the façade. While investment properties may see only cosmetic changes in the name of renovation, home renovations are more extensive based on the need to replace run down portions, make it look more appealing and increase its life. It is also the best route for incorporating the latest technological innovations in the property. Exterior renovations also reduce maintenance expenses.

Exterior renovation ideas

  • Adding decks or porches- A deck is an extension of the existing living space but open from at least two sides. It gives the semblance of more space due to its openness and holds special appeal for those enjoying being indoors. A porch is again a covered area outside the living premises, but many prefer it with a screen protection that can be enclosed during rough weather conditions.
  • Energy efficient windows- These help to seal the open slots with low emission coatings that keep the heat and winter chill out of the home. These windows are made with the use of argon, a heavy gas between the panes that prevents energy loss through convection currents.
  • Safety and security enhancement through solid doors- Doors are not merely the threshold of an entrance, providing access to the inner domain, but also provide security to it. It has to look appealing to match the décor and the façade, and also be strong enough to withstand the elements as well as present a wall that cannot permit unwanted intrusions. Since they may wither over time and lose their strength, it is a good idea to replace doors as well.
  • Gates and driveways- Landed property will always have a gate and a driveway however small, to the main door. If it is well surfaced and looks neat, it appeals to owners and visitors alike. But these need to be recoated and changed since they have to be able to withstand extreme temperatures without cracking.
  • Repainting- Repainting becomes important to both protect the outer walls of the property and beautify it and make it stand out.
  • Roof and garages- Roofs need to be resurfaced from time to time to prevent leakages and penetration of water, dust, heat and cold. Similarly, cars and other vehicles need covered protection from the external environment. Both add to the beauty of the property and need to be refurbished from time to time.
  • Miscellaneous exterior renovations- Other exterior renovations include siding, water proofing, brick work where bricks are falling loose, cementing and surfacing, concrete fortification to strengthen the existing base and so on.

Property exterior renovations need not be expensive or big budget exercises, but limited to a very small percentage of the value of the property, with the idea of increasing its life and beauty, while alos making it more efficient and easier to maintain.

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