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July 1, 2015

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mould2Maintaining investment properties is a vital part of being a property investor.  Mould in homes is becoming more frequent and it’s hard to ascertain who is responsible – is it the lifestyle of the tenant or is it the property or a combination of both.

Properties are more airtight nowadays and mould can grow even in new properties especially where there is extremely high humidity.  Bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms are likely rooms for mould growth if they are not well ventilated.  Here are some handy tips on how to prevent moisture build up causing you and your tenants grief.

  1. Safety Stays on Windows.  Fresh dry air needs to flow throughout the property to reduce the humidity indoors and prevent a build up of mould. Bathrooms, Kitchens and bedrooms are the main rooms that need good ventilation.
  2. Dehumidifiers.  Removing the moisture from the air can be achieved with a dehumidifier.  It can be quite surprising just how many litres of water they capture and they can turn a damp cold room into a far more liveable environment.
  3. Shower Domes.  Bathrooms are wet places so removing the moisture from them is a must.  Shower Domes are a perfect solution especially for rental properties as there is no external moisture build up.  Weeping walls and surfaces are caused by the change in temperature when the warm air from the shower hits the cold temperature of the surfaces.
  4. Ventilation systems.  Moving the air around – replacing the hot air with the colder air improves air quality.

On the discussion forum PropertyTalk mould is a big topic of conversation.  Most discussions lead to who is to blame for it is it the landlord or the tenant.  Often it can be combination of both. However mostly it is the lifestyle of the occupants, many are just not used to living in high humidity environments.  Most areas of New Zealand have high levels of humidity particularly in the wet season and well insulated properties need ventilation systems to remove the moisture to prevent poor air quality and mould growth.

The cheapest solution for tenanted properties is natural ventilation achieved with the window stays that keep the windows securely ajar a couple of centimetres.

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