Homes To Go For New Homes Highway

November 18, 2014

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homesCaveat Emptor or ‘buyer beware’ essentially means the onus is on the property buyer to do extensive research and acquire a fairly good understanding of all the possible future plans of development that may affect the home or land considered for purchase.

With 54 homes now standing in the way of a new highway set to service new local property developments many of these existing home owners have been caught out. They have carried out renovations or built new homes following consent from the council yet all will more than likely moved or bowled to make way for the new highway.

While these homeowners were aware of a pending new road they believed it would bypass their properties. Routes can change so while the original proposed route may have bypassed their properties this time around it does not! The Government has the legal right to take back the land they need for roading.

With thousands of new homes already in the area and 22,000 more planned the road will provide the necessary infrastructure to ease congestion on the existing roads.

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