Exterior Renovation- Maximizing The First Impression Of Your Property

September 22, 2011

Exterior Renovation

Exterior renovation has the maximum impact since it is the outer facade of a property that is noticed first and can bring an instantaneous appreciation.

This is true for a tenant and a prospective buyer, and even a casual passerby who will turn for a second look of a property looking beautiful on the outside.

A freshly done up exterior will stand out amongst its old and worn out neighbors and get instant offers. It will also reveal a well cared for place, rather than one that seen days of neglect.
Exterior renovation need not be elaborate and must, like all other facelift exercises, follow a strict budget. It is very easy to go overboard even while making the external appearance impressive but then this may lead to overcapitalization of the renovation task without bringing the required returns.
Exterior renovation will create the first impression that will lead to a sale or renting of the property, provided it is leveraged in the right manner to derive the maximum benefit. This must include the following:

  1. Fresh painting of the outer façade- This is the most important because a property that has seen rain and sun for years will look run down. Fresh painting means removing layers of dust and dirt, filling in gaps and cracks and also repairing damaged part of walls. The end result is bright and smooth new exterior.
  2. A new gate – A new gate will only add to the new look that will come with fresh painting of the exterior. The idea is to create a positive first impression to which the gate will make an additional contribution.
  3. Landscaping- A property with a patch of green pleases families looking to buy a house. A well maintained lawn and garden adds to the beauty of the place, and if the patch is bigger, it can be landscaped at a minimal expense to make the property attractive.
  4. A touch of newness- It is older properties that need renovation and a facelift of the exteriors. It is therefore a good idea to add a few of the features found in new constructions like, newer finishes, tiles and driveways that make it look, modern, trendy with a touch of the latest.
  5. Check for cracks and broken edges- the exterior is exposed to the elements, and cracks and broken corners are customary. Touching them up will prove to add to the beauty of the external areas.

How exteriors help

  • Exteriors are the first part of the house to be viewed, and if that is well liked, a sale is highly likely
  • Make the prospective buyer compare it to other places with not so appealing exteriors
  • Helps sellers get multiple offers and choose the best out of them
  • Increases the value of the property since it makes the place look newer than it actually is
  • Makes it unnecessary for owners to accept a knock down on the price.

Exteriors when renovated help in making a lasting first impression that can clinch the deal.

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