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August 10, 2014

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It is the life time dream of so many New Zealanders – to one day build a house. Well not actually build it, rather engage an Architect to design a home and then get it built to spec by professional Builders.

When funds don’t permit the bespoke design and build, often becomes a ‘cookie cutter’ home instead. The difference between the two options is obvious. Designing a home to your specifications offers originality whereas a cookie cutter home is a replicated model. It’s not quite the ‘coronation street’ approach but evidence of it’s appeal is seen in new housing developments that a few styles populating hundreds of sections.

A recent news item on NZHerald may raise the alarm on custom built homes. A High Court Judge rule in favour of the plaintiffs (a couple who engaged the services of an award winning Architect Firm to design a custom built home).

From the NZHerald:

“The claim against the architect is for negligence in its design work. Specifically, it is alleged that there was inadequate detail,” the judge said.

“There was insufficient detail for the council to assess the application for building consent adequately and for the builder to put up a house that was free of defects, weathertight and which met reasonable standards of construction,” he said.

The cookie cutter home is a proven design and kit set like to erect. While it’s hardly original it’s more likely to be worth its value and less likely to suffer defects or lack of weather-tightness.

For investment purposes the cookie cutter homes are preferred. Investors are adding value to existing properties by adding a home to the front or rear section.

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