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Property Investors Learn From Mentors

September 1, 2016

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Investors keen to keep growing their property investment portfolios are turning to PropertyTutors mentors. Sean Wood owner of the largest property investor mentoring service says his mentoring team are in high demand.

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How To Find Property Deals

August 12, 2015

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Modern Showhome Kitchen

In some regions of New Zealand finding good yielding property deals is now nearly impossible. Auckland is a sellers’ market and property investors are finding it tough to get anything above three percent yield and they’re not alone, regions with no known supply issue have very few listings.

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What Housing Bubble?

May 14, 2015



Commentators have come out in force recently saying there is no bubble in the Auckland property market. The ten or more years are required for supply to catch up with demand therefore it’s very unlikely there will be a huge correction of property values any time soon.

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Buy, Renovate, Sell and Profit

March 5, 2015



Profiting from your hard work as a property investor or trader should be celebrated. The higher property values clearly don’t work in property investors favour when they purchase a rental property however a healthy profit can be achieved when they on-sell – or trade as it’s common known.

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Wellington Property Values Sluggish

February 10, 2015



According the QV Wellington’s Property market is still very sluggish growing just 0.8 percent in the last 12 months. Compare this growth to that of Auckland which grew 12 percent and you’d be forgiven for thinking Auckland was the capital city of New Zealand.

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High NZ Dollar – Less Aussie Investors

January 19, 2015


aus_nz money

Property in Auckland is not on the market for long these days and at Auctions local buyers often battle it out with offshore buyers however New Zealand’s high dollar may put off the Aussie investors investing elsewhere around the country.

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Where to find healthy Rental Yields

December 9, 2014



Westpac’s ‘RedNews’ suggests areas around New Zealand that score highly for a good rental yield. We all know Auckland scores the highest for capital gain and Christchurch’s property is also doing well but other areas around New Zealand do a lot better when it comes to rental yield. And property investors love talking positive cash […]

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Homes To Go For New Homes Highway

November 18, 2014



Caveat Emptor or ‘buyer beware’ essentially means the onus is on the property buyer to do extensive research and acquire a fairly good understanding of all the possible future plans of development that may affect the home or land considered for purchase.

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