Bathroom – Renovate to Sell

September 22, 2011

Renovate to Sell

Bathrooms are an essential part of the house even though they are small, and generally tucked away in inconspicuous corners. 

Renovating a bathroom is an essential and frequent exercise since they are the ones that begin to look old and need to be changed and renovated sooner than other parts of the house. Their complex layout with water and electrical connections and frequent use, all add up to make them also one of the most expensive renovation areas.

Once a corner with a utility, bathrooms are now glamour rooms and most people would love to have designer bathrooms if they could afford them. But spending exorbitant amounts on bathrooms may be a waste and can be avoided if some tips to renovate them are followed.

  1. Blend elegance and price- While elegant fittings in the bathroom will transform it, a balance with price in mind will help in making it economically viable as well. A tight control on costs helps to make the most of a renovation exercise.
  2. Bathtubs are not necessary in every bathroom- the modern bathroom is not a place where too much time is spent, since people are busier with less time to spend on leisurely baths. Hence a shower corner makes more sense than a bathtub. This will reduce costs considerably while also making the bathroom look more spacious.
  3. Floors that last- Flooring of bathrooms must be durable since it is in constant contact with water. Choices range from water resistant marble and granite for warmer areas and sealed hardwood for colder ones. Changing floors is tough and expensive, so getting some lasting flooring makes sense.
  4. Measure height and lengths before fixing showers and mirrors, or ordering tubs- While standard sizes are ideal to use while fitting showers and mirrors, and even for bathtubs, having an idea about the average height of users helps in getting the right size.
  5. Storage space helps- Bathrooms need to have some storage facility. So, an empty space can be used for a cabinet and it can be decorated to add to the beauty of the bathroom.
  6. Bright lights- sleek lights look beautiful but a bathroom needs bright lights more than sleek ones, so it is pointless wasting money on them.
  7. Get experienced workers- A bathroom is one part of the house that needs experts, both plumbers and tile specialists etc. This is because the pipes have to be laid right, the floor needs to have the right incline and the tiles fitted neatly close, all of which is best done by an expert. It may be preferable to pay more for experienced staff than less for a novice.
  8. 8.     Safe shades- While bright colored bathrooms look trendy and attractive, they are also more expensive. Also, they may bring down the appeal of the place if it is put up for sale, since most people opt for safe colors that have universal appeal and remain in vogue.

The list of bathroom renovation tips can be endless, but these will help in keeping the renovation exercise limited according to the budget and the need of the hour.

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