Apartment Investor Mentor Grant Hoey Talks Apartment Investing

February 28, 2013

Tips & Ideas

There are some tricks of the trade so to speak when purchasing Apartments.

Property Investors need to know how to purchase Apartments for hold, renovation and sale via all the sales strategies utilised e.g. by Auction, by private sale and by tender via a Real Estate Agent.

Knowing the tricks of the trade so to speak is especially vital to an investor when they are purchasing in a heated market – i.e. where there are more buyers than there are Apartments for sale.


My students and I have our first Auctions date for 2013 this means we need to be prepared with our due diligence done on the Apartments we are keen to purchase. We also need to be in a cash unconditional position for the Auction. Often we achieve these tasks better as a team.

Why not Meet Grant Hoey on Sunday 10 March – Auckland and find out more on Apartment Auctions.

Private Sale and Tenders

We are also seeing more apartments being listed on the market straightaway and with a listing price. With the hype of the market and a lot of cashed up buyers in a position to make a quick decision, Auctions don’t always have the best deals.

Also we are seeing a larger number of private sales due to a hot market and vendors believing they can sell their property and save the agent’s commission so it’s also worthwhile looking for private sale listings.

There are some real positives for listing an Apartment with an Agent I’ll discuss these in my next email – as investors we do often sell an Apartment too don’t we.

Come along on Sunday 10 March – I’ll be letting you know my experiences in the current Auckland Apartment market – and I’ll be keen to meet you.


Grant Hoey

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