Action Speaks Louder Than Words

August 5, 2013

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We all know the adage “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” .  It’s been around since the 1600s and used to focus and motivate us to be more productive individuals.   Sean Wood of PropertyTutors Limited knows first hand that lots of action is required to build and maintain a successful property investment business.  The first action that changed Sean’s property portfolio was agreeing to learn from someone else.

Not all of us like to be told what to do – I am one of those people.  However there was one action I took back in the early days of my property investment that changed my life forever.

I paid a few thousand dollars to get told what to do by someone else!

Upon hearing about the property seminar I wondered around aimlessly for few days distracted by lots of internal chatter before I finally caved in and paid $3000+ to attend the seminar.   Leading up to the event I still had my doubts that I’d learn anything much but I went to it positive and motivated nonetheless.

Before the seminar I owned three properties (my home and two leaky townhouses).

And I went to it thinking that being a property investor meant buying an investment property on a principal and interest loan, paying it off over 25 years, then selling it and living off the profits, which is what the majority of people believe.

How wrong I was! That way would mean only being able to buy a couple of properties in your whole investing career, which is not the way to become wealthy. That way of thinking is why only 2% of property investors own more than one investment property. But by attending the seminar I learned a new, and much better, way.

Real examples of real deals and renovations that were talked about in detail. It was this practical evidence of what investors were doing in the real world that clicked with me and made me realise that I could do this, too, and that it wasn’t rocket science. Seeing the ‘before and after’ photos, and being shown exactly how to buy and renovate property in a way that made good profits made such obvious sense I was amazed that more people, including me, didn’t know about it.

By the end of the three-day seminar I was so impressed and had learned so much that I wanted to keep the momentum going. I did this by joining a mentoring programme, which cost $6000 (there was no payment plan in those days).

However, one thing had been really stressed throughout the seminar: negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! This, it had been explained, was the key to creating deals that will work. And so it was, late on the third afternoon, I approached the organisers and asked them if I could join the mentoring programme but rather than pay in full, I wanted to pay in three instalments. They looked at me and said, ‘Yep, you’ve learnt well,’ took the form and signed it there and then approving my plan to pay in instalments.

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